DJ Fay-D         






Giant Killa stepped onto the scence at the young age of 14 with his first feautre on a full-length rap album. Since then he has grown lyricly and creativly and is working on his debut solo project. Expect heartfelt lyrics and unforgettable punch-lines to mix in with his agressive rap flow, but don't be suprised for Giant Killa to branch out and sing a couple bars along the way.




Award nominated hip-hop artist Man Of FAITH has dedicated his life to ministry, as well as being an ordianed Youth Pastor his ministry goes even further back in music. After releasing 2 mixtapes in 2 years and receiving thousands of downloads he is currently working on his solo debut LP Perfect Timing as well as working with other FIA artist writing and exectutively producing their albums.




Worshiper at heart Wake is bringing a fresh style to the mainstreaim gospel genre. With music to rival the biggest radio hits Wake is sure to make an impact on radio & media. Currently working on his debut project Before And After be sure to keep and ear out for new music to come soon.

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